Evan Ryan

Engineer at OrangeSpark Solutions

I create robust, polished and up-to-date software using current web technologies.


In 2022, I embarked on an ambitious, self-taught journey to become a software developer. My passion for computer science was ignited in high school through my involvement in FIRST Robotics and the computer team, where I discovered a love for programming and problem-solving.

Over the past year, I have learned a lot about web development with the help of the internet, professional mentorship, and -of course- Stack Overflow.

When I am not coding, I am usually playing video games, discovering new local restaurants, or playing  Korok seeds


Full Stack Developer · Agility Consultants LLC


Designed, developed, and maintained web applications and solutions for the Federal Government, ensuring compliance with security, regulatory, and accessibility requirements. Implemented SharePoint REST services in the software I developed, improving information management and collaboration among departments. Utilized Power BI to analyze and visualize complex data, providing actionable insights for informed decision-making. Streamlined workflows and automated processes with Power Automate, increasing operational efficiency and reducing manual tasks. Provided technical support and training to end-users, enabling them to maximize the utilization of developed applications and tools.

React JS Developer · OrangeSpark Solutions


Worked extensively with a wide range of modern web development technologies, including React, Node.js, Next.js, React Native, Typescript, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. I have utilized these technologies to create innovative and dynamic web applications that provide exceptional user experiences. Additionally, I have gained experience working with various APIs and SDKs to implement key features, such as enabling Google Drive upload/download functionality and incorporating PayPal's seamless checkout process. One of my notable accomplishments includes developing a web application with a user-friendly toggle UI that allowed users to create and customize animated 3D renderings using the powerful Three.js library. At OrangeSpark, I have actively contributed and collaborated on all stages of the project development lifecycle, making significant contributions to the success of each project.

Systems Engineering Intern · Johnson Controls

Provided support in loading and activating system and network-level controllers, ensuring their smooth operation in government facilites such as the Ronald Reagan Building. Played a part in upgrading Johnson Controls HVAC systems to comply with energy-saving performance agreements, contributing to improved efficiency. Throughout my work at Johnson Controls, I practiced a strong commitment to safety standards, prioritizing the well-being of both employees and subcontractors involved in the projects.

Engineering and Project Management Associate · ArchSolar

Collaborated closely with clients and manufacturers to develop and deliver comprehensive project sets that were ready for construction. I assumed a leadership role throughout the entire project lifecycle, taking charge of the design phase using AutoCAD and Revit, overseeing quality assurance testing, and ensuring successful completion of the final production stage.

Engineering Intern · ControlAir

Conducted rigorous testing of high-flow gas pressure regulators, meticulously verifying their adherence to required specifications and performance benchmarks. I was in charge of a significant project aimed at optimizing the manufacturing process for a specific part sub-assembly, resulting in reduced production costs and improved efficiency. Additionally, I played a crucial role in the digitalization efforts of the company's archives by converting engineering drawings into Inventor part files, facilitating easier access and retrieval of critical information.



Image Resizer


A command line interface (CLI) app that allows you to resize images in bulk quantities using 'sharp.js'. This is particulary useful to mobile-app developers who need images in a variety of sizes.

ePortfolio v1


The first iteration of my personal website. One of my first React projects using 'Create React App' and Typescript.

Color Guesser Game


A web app game that helps the player practice matching colors to their respective hex code. This project is great for solidifying your understanding of React hooks and 'state'.

Webpage Bookmark App


A web app created to help consolidate all your favorite websites. Using local storage and an API to fetch thumbnail preview data of your saved websites

Trump Tweet Game


A goofy little web app using Twitter's API to test how well you know the former President's tweet history.